High Quality Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Label With Color Filled In

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Label  are a commonly used marker that can play an important role in various environments, such as product labels. Especially in some harsh environments, stainless steel labels have excellent properties such as durability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, Stainless steel labels are generally used in industry, machinery, aviation, automobiles and other fields to mark equipment names, notices and warnings, and machine instructions.In industries such as electric power, chemical industry, coal, and steel, non-steel-making signs are widely used.

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The production process of stainless steel labels is divided into three steps: etching, stippling and polishing.

 (1): Etching.  Etching is to engrave the required characters or patterns on the surface of stainless steel through etchant. This process requires the use of negative plate making, contrast exposure, developing, plate washing and other plate making processes. Generally, when making stainless steel labels, it is necessary to pass the text and patterns, and then cover the non-sharp surface with a thin coating of chemical fiber the size of transparent paper, and then use a thin-walled corrosive engraving solution to etch off the non-chart parts. Make the part of the chart protrude, and the chart and text have a finer shape ratio.

(2): spot paint. Spot paint is to put the finished unsharp steel brand paint on some points on the chart or text to achieve a better visual experience. The pigments used in this art must be very poetry-intensive pigments, and the technical content is relatively high. This type of sign requires effect and essence. Because the pigment is more convenient and combined with arts and crafts, the price of this type of sign is also relatively high. Artists must draw clear and beautiful charts, and ensure that the surface of the steel that is painted with paint is smooth and neat, and there will be no paint marks, paint drips, uneven paint surfaces, or excessively thick coatings.

(3) : Polished.  After the production is completed, it is necessary to perform light projection processing. The surface finish of stainless steel labels is very important, because the surface finish is directly related to the appearance and quality of the product. The light process can use manpower or machine to achieve the effect of high surface finish and smooth surface.

Post time: May-26-2023