High temperature resistance custom metal asset Barcode/QR code stainless steel Label/tag

We are one of leading  manufactures which specializes in this kind of High temperature resistance custom metal asset Barcode/QR code stainless steel label/tag 
In harsh environments such as high temperature and corrosion, the quality and durability of labels and tags are extremely important. In order to meet this demand, a stainless steel barcode or QR code label/tag with high temperature resistance above 1200°C and corrosion resistance is widely used in petrochemical, energy, aerospace and other industries.
This kind of label or tag is made of high-purity stainless steel, with smooth and flat surface, clear and legible text, and is not afraid of high temperature and corrosion. In the petrochemical industry, this kind of label is widely used to identify various pipelines, storage tanks and equipment. In the energy industry, this type of label is used to identify key parts such as high-temperature combustion areas and lubricating oil tanks. In the field of aerospace, this kind of label is used to mark various equipment and components, such as satellites, spacecraft, rockets, etc. In the field of national defense, this kind of label is even more indispensable and can be used to identify various military equipment and weapons.
Compared with traditional labels, this kind of label or tag has better durability and can better adapt to the needs of harsh environments. Using this stainless steel label or tag can improve the efficiency and accuracy of equipment operation and maintenance, and can also ensure the safety of our equipment and workers. In addition, this kind of label or tag can also provide important information and data, which is convenient for management and control.
In a word, the high temperature resistant above 1200 ℃, corrosion resistant stainless steel bar code or QR code label or tag is a new type of high-performance label, which is widely used in various industries and will undoubtedly provide our production and equipment maintenance. Better security and efficiency.

Post time: May-06-2023