Stainless steel/aluminum metal etching mesh for car speaker

Our etching main products are etched metal parts, metal etching speaker mesh, etched metal speaker grille (iron mesh, aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh), speaker net cover mesh, speaker parts and other metal electronic accessories etc. By design, development, stamping, molding, painting, and packaging, we are able to meet your requirement.

Photo-etching has been widely used in the manufacturing of car loudspeaker mesh grilles, many branding car manufacturers or loudspeaker manufacturer benefit from this technology, as it features: 

1,Low tooling cost, no need for expensive DIE/Mould -- prototype normally costs only hundred dollars

2, Design flexibility -- Photo etching allows much flexibility on product design no matter it is product outer shape or the hole patterns, there is even no cost for complex designs.

3, Stress and burr free, smooth surface -- the material temper will not be affected during this process and it can guarantee a very smooth surface

4, Easy to coordinate with other manufacturing processes such as PVD plating, stamping, brushing, polishing and so on

5, Various material options -- stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, metal alloy at the thickness from 0.02mm to 2mm are all available.

Material: Stainless steel,aluminum,brass, copper, bronze,iron, precious metals or customize
Size: Customized size
Thickness: 0.03-2mm is available
Technique: High precision etching
Hole: 0.01mm(customize)
Spacing: 0.018mm(customize)
Hole shape: Hexagon, oval, round, rectangle, square, or customized
Surface finish Clean .no burr
Features: No burrs,No broken point,no plugging holes
Application: Fiber filter,Textile machines or customize
Certificate: RoHS,ISO
Inspection: Two-dimension inspection machine,magnifier
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Other application:

Besides mesh for car speaker, photo etching also have lots of other applications:

(1), petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical precision filter, filter plate, filter canister, filters

(2) electronic industry with metal plate, plate leakage, lead, lead frame, metal substrate

(3) precision optical and mechanical parts, components, plane spring

(4) friction slices and other parts of concave and convex surface

(5) metal plate and the design of complex metal accessories and elegant handicraft

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Post time: Feb-27-2023